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Unite. Fight.

Immortality is impossible... at least when we're around.
Welcome to 4Forces Gaming.

Lock and Load

An asylum of trigger happy lunatics unfit for society

That could be a bit of a stretch. We're 4Forces - a tiny group of close friends who play fun games together. So we're not lunatics or unfit for general society. We're in fact harmless, right? Well, admittedly, those games usually entail gushing blood, hacked limbs and, well, screaming. It's all in pixels though. See - harmless.

We came from nothing... except plenty of cash, members and talent

4Forces was launched in November 2015 as an extension of Excessive Forces - a once-renowned Counter Strike: Source team, conquerers of the box-y aim_texture mode. Far less competitive now, our objective is to casually obliterate our foes and plant our proverbial flag in various online multiplayer PC games. What games are these?

The Four Forces of 4Forces

With plenty of cash and heaps of talent (cough), we gather in our private lobby and set out to inflict pain and memorable suffering on the gaming universe. That's right - these total bastards...

Leaving nothing behind but blood and bone

So we like to create misery - we can't help that. We tend to do it to large gatherings of enemy combatants, aliens, monsters and zombies alike. Should you be afraid? Well, if you play these games... then, yeah, probably.

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You must be dying to learn more

Wait, you're still here? Christ. You've got some real stones with that pickle of yours. Well, you've come this far - you should probably go ahead and subject yourself to more seriously-not-important and seriously useless information by visting 4Forces on Steam.

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